What is Success?

What is Success? What is success? It’s an ongoing conversation over at The Modern Femme Movement, so when I was introduced to Susan Ford Collins’ new book: The Joy of Success: 10 Essential Skills for Getting the Success You WantI knew I had to check it out. I love her approach to defining success, especially when it comes to “deletion.” She’s kindly shared her insight below!

What is success? Most people never ask themselves this crucial question, but highly successful people (HSPs) have. Here’s what they told me. Success has 3 essential parts… and you have to have the ability to produce all three kinds.

1-Success is Completion…   Yes, this is the part of success most people know about… accomplishment. Starting, doing and finishing what we set out to do (or others set out for us.) You can tell a lot about your future successes by your past successes… your accomplishments and contributions to date. [The world] wants to know that you’re a completer, not just a starter, so consider something most people would have given up on, but you didn’t. Or a painful experience you turned from a loss to a win.

2- Success is also Deletion…. sometimes success is not doing, knowing when to let go of what no longer works, old habits, methods and relationships, habits that make you wild and crazy, stuffy and stressed. [The world] wants to hear about your Deletion Successes because they demonstrate character, tenacity and follow through. What have you let go of that could have ruined your life, but didn’t? (Some deletion successes may seem too private to share but revealing them in a positive light shows others you’re open and willing to share experiences you’ve had that can help others.)

3- Success is Creation… success is being able to go beyond what we’ve been taught, beyond the methods that are commonly in use. Success is coming up with new ways. It’s no longer enough to succeed by just completing and deleting, you also have to be creators and leaders. Your ability to create and innovate is what [your peers are] looking for, first and foremost.

What will you create that will change the world?

what is success-

Here’s something HSPs do each day you probably don’t. HSPs Success File. Yes, they set aside time each day to acknowledge their own successes instead of waiting for others to do it for them. Why? Because they plan to do big, creative, impossible things! (Keep in mind, impossible simply means that no one else has done it… so it could be you!)

HSPs don’t want to be dependent on others’ agreement and acknowledgment. Success Filing gives them the Self-Confidence they need to keep going no matter what obstacles beset them or who laughs or disagrees as they venture into The Potential Zone. They rewind to the beginning of their day and recall the things that they were able to do and be, all their completions, deletions and creations. They know BIG SUCCESSES come as the result of millions of tiny daily successes. And millions of tiny corrections!

You can Success File alone or with a supportive friend, teacher or [business partner]. They will probably point out successes they noticed and you didn’t. It’s important to “success yourself up”!

The Two Laws of Success Filing:

1 -When your Success File is full, you feel Success-Full.  When you Success File is low, you feel dependent and needy. And you tend to lie around, eat, drink and procrastinate!

2 – Success is your past gives you confidence in your future.  And, success in your past gives [The World] the confidence in you they need to tell you YES!


Susan Ford Collins…“America’s Premier Success and Leadership Coach” CNN… is the creator of THE TECHNOLOGY of SUCCESS, the powerful leadership system used in more than 3,000 training programs in major corporations and organizations, in startups and turnarounds. Audiences begged Susan to write about the 10 Success Skills so after shadowing Highly Successful People (HSPs) for 20 years and coaching them for 20 more, she wrote The Joy of Success, Success Has Gears, and Our Children Are Watching, all now available on amazon. www.susanfordcollins.com orwww.technologyofsuccess.com


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