All Things Cupid – The Ultimate Valentine Resource List

If there is one holiday that sneaks up on me every year, it’s Valentine’s Day. I’d love to say this is because I’m single and wish the day would poof into non-existence fiery furnace “Worst Holiday Ever” status, but truthfully, this day was just as overlooked during my marriage as it will probably be for this first year of lone wolf status (hmmm…maybe that’s saying something…).

Valentine Crafts | Chaos & Kiddos | Round Up

My list of Valentine transgressions doesn’t just end with my former spouse. I was most definitely that mom that forgot to bring a valentine for each kid in the class last year. In fact, it didn’t even occur to me to bring them in…is that because I have boys or because I block the day from memory?

As I try to incorporate more purposeful play into our busy days, I’m committing to tackling the big day of love this weekend. Ya know, planning in advance instead of hitting CVS next Friday morning before school. And since I hate to travel all over the interwebz to find what I’m looking for, I’ve built The Ultimate Valentine Resource List. Everything I might need this weekend, all in one happy place. Yup, this is pretty much my virtual to do list for the weekend. Enjoy!

Valentine Crafts | Chaos & Kiddos | Round Up

Valentine’s Day Craft List

Buttons & Glue: Super Easy Valentine Craft

Easy Filled Heart Valentines

Bee Mine Valentine Heart Craft for Kids

How to Make a Valentine Wreath

The Ultimate List of DIY Valentines

DIY Melted Crayon Art Valentines

Valentine Crafts | Chaos & Kiddos | Round Up

Valentine’s Day Activity List

Homemade Valentine’s Playdoh

Build Your Own Valentine Robot

Valentine’s Day Letter Puzzle Printable

Sorting and Counting with Conversation Hearts

Valentine Crafts | Chaos & Kiddos | Round Up

Valentine’s Day Recipe List

Valentine’s Trail Mix

Sticky Sweet Popcorn Treat

Easy Valentine’s Cinnamon Roll

Chocolate Cherry Brownies

Have a fun weekend prepping for the Global Day of Love! Even though I’m flying solo this year, I have to admit, I feel more loved now than I’ve ever felt before. I’ll be basking in the love of my kids, grateful for my loving family and loyal friends, and my heart will be full, even as I eye roll the incessant sweetness of this most horrible holiday. Best be sure I will be teaching my sons that while this day is fun, true love lies in making every day special and full of value for those special people in your life that captivate your heart.

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