Four Must-Watch TV Shows for Small Business Owners

We talked about the “Multi-tasking Myth” when I had the opportunity to listen to Roberta Oster Sachs pour wisdom into working women at a local women’s leadership luncheon. I’m going to play on that a bit today by suggesting one area of your life where you CAN multi-task. Watching TV.

If you’re like me, you rarely have the opportunity to sit down and watch TV, falling far behind on top shows and probably having no idea what “How to Get Away with Murder” is (I found out about that one super late – holy cow, it’s worth watching!). When I do watch TV, I try to watch something that gives me a little brainpower. How? Here are my four must-watch TV shows for small business owners.


1. The Profit. This is my #1, must have in your arsenal, TV show for small business owners. Marcus Lemonis is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and breaks down good business clearly and concisely. This show is a spot on way to learn from the failures of others and apply the knowledge to your own professional ventures to avoid making the same mistakes. This show is hugely underrated and I bet most of you have never even heard of it. I am constantly fascinated by his thorough research, ability to think on his feet and drive straight to the source of the problem, offering direct solutions that convert in a powerful way. He rocks my entrepreneurial world.


2. Shark Tank. Yes, I know you’ve probably heard of this show and yes, it’s not particularly relatable, as most of us will never pitch our business on TV to a top level panel of celebrity billionaires. Don’t watch this show to dream of your own fantasy presentation. Watch this show to understand the knowledge you need to have in your back pocket in order to accurately report on the success of your business. The sharks ask all the right questions, and applicants are expected to know every fact and figure. Consider how they market their brands, the recommendations they receive and how that knowledge might be translated to your own professional visibility and overall control of your venture.


3. Beyond the Tank. Betcha didn’t know about this one! This is where the sh*t gets real for Shark Tank dealmakers. This show follows up on the deals the sharks have made with various companies, moving past the sparkle and presentation of the original connection and into the real deal ins and outs of the offer. You get to hear exactly what went down, what deals made it, which ones crashed and burned and how the sharks implement their expertise into each of their partnerships. This is another great opportunity to learn from the failures of others and to see relatable business growth in real time.

bar rescue

4. Bar Rescue. Ha! If you’ve been following me for awhile, you already know this is one of my favorites. If you’re just tuning in, I’m sure you’re wondering why the heck this one made the list. Admittedly, this show is loud and proud, and more than a little rough around the edges. It comes with the territory! But let me tell you, Jon Taffer knows his business INSIDE AND OUT. That’s the first big lesson – Know your industry. KNOW IT. Secondly, Taffer applies business knowledge to every aspect of his rescues – sales, marketing, organization, prioritization, systems, branding. The show is literally packed full of small business knowledge and follows logical common sense and small adjustments that can impact productivity and profitability in a VERY big way.

Do you have TV shows that can entertain and also educate? I’m always looking for new ways to learn, even while I kick back and relax (wait, when do I do that?).



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    What a really helpful list of shows. I am like you and know that TV is not the wisest choice for time but do love to engage in it when I can. I love the shark tank. I’ve not heard of beyond the tank or the profit and am really excited to check them out. One show I seen once on Netflix was a series called the pitch and it centered around marketing and advertising techniques. I loved it. It actually taught me a lot creatively. Thanks for sharing your list. I’m looking forward to checking out these shows.


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      It really is! I think The Profit is completely underrated. Most people (myself included) overlooked it, but it really is such a brilliant show for small business owners to watch. I listened to Daymond John speak last year and I was really impressed at how down to Earth he was. He shared some really powerful wisdom that inspired everyone in attendance!

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