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I don’t do product reviews very often. But every now and again, something catches my fancy and really hits the mark. If I’m going to review a product, it’s because I see some value for my working moms on the go. Most recently, I’ve had the opportunity to test out two such top notch items and I have to admit, I’m in love!


Let me start off by saying…if for nothing else, you must buy from this company because they have the cutest packaging on the planet! My items came shipped in an adorable box adorned with little marks of EverydayHappy and when I opened it up, it was like opening a perfect Christmas present. All of my items were packed with care, complete with bright colors and fun packaging filler, and they even included a cute little tote as an extra thanks. To take such care with styling the shipment of everyday home products, I was definitely impressed. It was absolutely top notch and a pleasant surprise! I felt immediately valued. I’ve never been so excited to receive detergent in my life!

This isn’t the package I received, but here’s a great example of how diligent they are with proper presentation. It feels clean and fresh. I love the eco-friendly vibe!


As I do with most items, I gave it a try on myself before I let the kids have at it. In truth, I have the most sensitive skin in the house, so in this particular case, I was excited to have some baby fresh formulated goodies to pamper myself with. I received the following items from EverydayHappy – detergent, lotion, body wash, cleansing soap. I loved that each item was very lightly scented. Almost indiscernible. Just enough to smell good while you put it to use. The lotion in particular was especially smooth and felt clean going on, which is a nice change from other lotions that often feel greasy.

I was thoroughly impressed with each of the items they sent me. They all worked fabulously, but more importantly, they made me feel like I was making a better decision for my kids by using eco-friendly products. I know I keep saying they felt “clean,” but it’s true! It feels good when you know you’re not putting anything unnatural on your skin or the skin of your children. There’s some sort of comforting affirmation that you’re being a good parent and it’s safe for use. I know I like feeling like a good mom and EverydayHappy gave me that little boost.


If EverydayHappy has captured your interest, you can try your own free samples HERE. Pay the shipping and handling, and your own little box of #EDHLove will be on its way in no time flat!

SUDS Bottle and Sippy Cup Washer by Boon


Yes, I know. My boys are well past both bottles and sippy cups these days. But when I mentioned this to Patti, she assured me that I might actually enjoy keeping this crazy looking, but perfectly awesome device all to myself. And she was absolutely right! It should come as no surprise to you that I HATE washing dishes. It’s gross and grimy, and there is nothing I hated more than cleaning bottles, straws and all else when the boys were smaller. And now, the deep dark inside corners of their water bottles and other on-the-go cups…YUCK. I feel like the dishwasher can’t possibly be getting in there to clean well enough, but I hate having to scrub them out myself. The SUDS washer is my personal dream come true. I use it for my own glasses, water bottles and other items that just need a quick rinse. Even the boys couldn’t resist giving it a try! And it might, just might, be an absolute perfect fit for a wine glass…I’m just saying.


Here’s a quick video showing it in action!

Do you have any must-have family items? Be sure to link them in the comments below!

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