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What she said


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Afro Chic Mompreneur, shared how she doesn’t allow her pain to be an excuse to fail, rather it is her motivation.

This month's quote


Admittedly, I hate winter. But somehow, this is still my favorite time of year. While I’d be thrilled to trade in the cold days, dreary grays and blistering winds, the holiday season reminds me of home and family and all that is good in my life. There is something about hot cocoa at late night football games, falling leaves and bursts of color, the crisp crunch of frost beneath your feet at the Christmas tree farm, and the warm smells of your favorite recipes cooking that make the heart feel happy. Perhaps the holiday season happens during the dreariest time of year because the “forced isolation” of the weather pushes us closer to those people most important in our lives. Everything slows down a bit, families huddle by the fire, even the sun goes down earlier, bringing everyone home for dinner at the table.

It’s also a time for reflection. In the quiet of the winter weather, late at night, when everything is still and frozen, or even first thing in the morning when the snow on the ground is fresh and untouched, you can look back on the year and just think. Absorb. And with that fresh white, not yet trampled snow, you can look forward with a clean slate. After winter comes spring. New growth, starting over. We appreciate the warmth and the sun, because winter kept us in the dark and the cold. We would take the beauty of spring for granted if we weren’t coming out of the harshness of winter.

Maybe I don’t hate winter after all. I sure do hate feeling cold, but I love feeling like I’m on the cusp of starting fresh and new. I love the ability to discard the old, close a chapter and look forward to spring and new life. This is the time of year for family, love, healing, hope and merriment. Cuddle close to the ones you love, toss the bitterness of old into the wind, and step out in the new fresh snow.

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