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Here is how it works:

Each month we will pick a quote, the quotes we choose are women’s words… get it? That’s What She Said.

The linkup will run for 2 weeks.

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This Month’s Quote:


This quote has never resonated quite so strongly as in recent weeks. Coming out on the other side of divorce, I’m realizing that I haven’t been myself for ages. I couldn’t tell you who I’ve been, because honestly, I didn’t really understand the depth of how much of myself I had lost…but I can tell you that I most assuredly feel the difference today. Whatever I was before is gone, and I feel solid. I feel me. I feel beautiful and capable and ambitious. My spark is back, my creativity is at an all-time high, and I’m accomplishing things I never even imagined would be possible.

I feel at peace and refreshed, knowing that I can relax into being myself and let life take the course that is a best fit for my unique strengths, motivations and personality. When I don’t have to try so hard, I feel strong and at pace with the world around me. My engagements with important people, both personally and professionally, have become more intimate and genuine. My heart feels good. I didn’t realize how long I hadn’t felt that way. I didn’t realize that I had been playing someone else for years. It’s nice to be me.

I embrace my role as a single woman, a female entrepreneur, a mom, a working parent, a dreamer, a small business owner, a Christian, a friend, a sister, a leader, a learner. I embrace all these things and claim my beauty in its truest form. I have confidence that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing, with exactly the right people in my life. I am empowered by their support, their encouragement and their appreciation for the real me. I feel beautiful because they love the real me in all my many facets, good and bad.

When was the last time you felt like the real you?

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