How to Help Your Kids Stay Organized for School

We’re several weeks into the school year now…how is it going for you? Are you settling into a rhythm or are you still struggling to find order in your chaos? Truth be told, just this morning, I got all the way to school with the boys and went to get out of the car, only to find that I had left their backpacks AND their lunches sitting near the front door. Fail! So, I’ve called in a pro. How do you help your kids stay organized for school? Let’s here from Melissa at CloudMom

Help Your Kids Stay Organized for School

It’s 3pm. Your child runs into the house, tosses his coat and shoes aside, dumps his backpack onto the counter, contents spilling out onto the floor, and runs to the fridge for his after-school snack of milk and cookies.

Sound familiar?

It seems like every day, my kids are bringing more and more things back from school. Papers, projects, little macaroni bead necklaces or magazine mosaics from art class. And it inevitably ends up everywhere! How in the world can anyone get all of these things organized? Well, having five children and living in a small apartment in NYC have taught me more than a few things. Here are my five tips on how to stay organized for school!

  1. Designate a work spot at home: Whether it’s the kitchen table or a personal desk, let your kids choose a place for their work when they’re at home, and encourage your child to keep it as uncluttered as possible. Only the necessary pencils, pens, paper, or calculator should be within reach. Another tip: Try to keep distractions like phones and TV at a minimum when it’s homework time at their work spot! They can also work as a nice break or reward for completing an assignment.
  2. Keeping their work organized: Speaking of homework, I’ve found that color-coded notebooks or folders are helpful when keeping track of your child’s school subjects! A three-ring binder can be really useful when it comes to keeping all of those loose papers together, too. Furthermore, a calendar of major projects and events that your child regularly checks and adds to can ease them into school year organization. Along with the uncluttered work space, your child will be ready to tackle any school assignment. Help Your Kids Stay Organized for School
  3. Keep clutter out of their rooms: You may be thinking that your kids’ bedrooms have nothing to do with their organization for school, but at least from my experience, they do! Somehow, a lot of projects and graded papers end up in piles around (and even under) my kids’ beds. It may be a good idea to go through your child’s room every once in a while and help them move these school items to a crate or bin for the whole family to share. Or, for great papers or projects, display them on the fridge!
  4. Backpack organization: Every school day starts and ends with their backpacks, so it might be the most important thing to keep organized! After all, this is the way the most important papers, like permission slips that need your signature, can get back and forth from you to your child’s teachers. Backpacks with lots of pockets and compartments can help keep everything in their correct spot. Also, I would definitely recommend packing their bags as much as possible the night before, just to avoid a madhouse the next morning as you’re scrambling for those important documents!
  5. At school: Next time you’re at a parent-teacher conference, it might not hurt to ask if you can take a peek at your child’s desk or cubby. How are they holding up in terms of organization? If they’re not as tidy as they could be, never fear! Pencil cases can really come in handy and will keep school supplies from getting mixed up with the important papers. Even a zip-lock will do! A smart and cheap way to keep things organized.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my organization tips and that your children have a wonderful school year! And if any parents have their own tips on organization for students, I’d love to hear them!

Snip20151015_29Melissa Lawrence, co-founder of CloudMom, lives in New York City with her husband and 5 young children.  With a few parenting tricks up her sleeve, Melissa posts how-to videos and blogs for parents on a range of issues including baby, toddler, kids, fashion, travel, and well-being.

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