The Thriving Woman’s Guide to Setting Boundaries

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If there is one thing working moms struggle with each and every day, it’s setting boundaries. Knowing when and how to say “no,” is exceptionally challenging when you’re quite comfortable moving at the speed of light and wearing many hats at once. Setting boundaries is pivotal to avoid burn out, and most working moms (myself included!) don’t realize we’ve over-committed until we hit the wall. Hard. We’re so used to being on the go with a never-ending to do list, that saying “yes” or “I’ll just do it myself” comes naturally to us.

Kim BuckWhen Kim Buck  from Are You Willing to Be Seen? reached out to me and asked if I’d read her most recent book, The Thriving Woman’s Guide to Setting Boundaries, I immediately accepted. As you know, I don’t review too many items these days, but a book on setting boundaries and thriving as a woman? That certainly seemed like something I needed to read. Kim’s book did not disappoint. She clearly defines what a boundary is, why setting boundaries is important, and the energy behind our tendencies as women in our professional and personal relationships.

I love, love, love how she describes our personal boundaries in simple, crystal clear visuals. I’ve started to think of my boundaries as my purse, and what I put in my purse is my choice. Other people can’t force items into my purse, nor can they take items away. I have a right to organize my purse any way I choose and so does everyone else in my life. I’m the only one responsible for carrying my purse, and if it’s heavy, it’s up to me to make the change that makes it more bearable. Realizing that I need to protect my boundaries just like I do the contents of my purse was a “light bulb” moment for me. As a self-professed workaholic and overachiever, giving value and definition to my personal boundaries was a huge stress reliever. I felt validated.

If you’re struggling with daily life, feel burnt out and frustrated at the world around you, it’s time to pick up Kim’s book, The Thriving Woman’s Guide to Setting Boundaries. It’s a refreshing, quick read that will help you release the guilt that we place on ourselves when we take on too much. It will help you understand that setting boundaries means paving the way to your very best you, and when you don’t set boundaries, no one wins. Reclaim yourself, your life and thrive with a new-found understanding that cradles your well-being so that you can truly excel in a fulfilled life.

The Thriving Woman's Guide to Setting Boundaries

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