Morning Motivation Planner Worksheet

The best way to make life as a working mom more manageable is to make a determined effort to start each day off right. There’s a reason that saying “Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed today” exists. The way you wake up each morning dictates how the rest of your busy day will play out. I’d be lying if I said I jumped out of bed every morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to tackle the day with boundless energy and puffy cloud joy. In reality, the decision to have a good day is just that…a CHOICE. You must deliberately put aside the bad and choose to focus on the good. Starting your day off right with some morning motivation can set your intention on moving through the day with focus, empowerment and order.

Morning Motivation | Planner Worksheet | Working Moms United

So how do you do that? For me, a well-purposed prayer puts my heart in the right place, prepping me spiritually to be open to the day and its blessings, and to approach every event with courage, wisdom and kindness. This is a critical choice for me, especially as I learn to navigate life as a single working mom. I do, however, need a little mental stimulation and clarity to bring the whole of me into readiness for the day ahead. To get that “big picture,” I take a moment to physically write out my day, setting the expectations for what I need to get done, and more importantly, tabling the rest of my giant to-do list until the appropriate time. Outlining my day, errands, appointments, even dinner…this helps me to step out on the front doorstep with a clear direction for how I will maximize my time and energy.

And the awesome news? I want to share my morning motivation planner worksheet with you! Take that first step towards a manageable life as a working mom by adjusting your attitude. Commit to starting the day right by ordering the chaos and giving yourself direction and purpose for the hours ahead of you. Affirm yourself, your capabilities, your awesomeness, and rock that day from start to finish!

Morning Motivation | Planner Worksheet | Working Moms Unite


Do you want to start your day off right? Click here to download the free Morning Motivation planner worksheet!


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    Looks great! I recently switched from weekly planner to a daily planner, and I love it because I can write down so much more. Of course that also means I go through more paper but to me it’s definitely worth it. I especially love your affirmations on top. I do the same thing!

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    Awesome printable Katy!! Would definitely help on those crazy busy mornings where everything seems to be forgotten before I even start my day lol.

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