Wonder Punch Juicing Recipe: Somer Cooks

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When I asked Somer what she wanted to call this post, she replied “Wonder Punch – It’s a wonder anyone would drink it but it tastes so good!” I have learned from experience to never question Somer when she tells me something will be tasty, so you know I’ll be giving this juicing recipe a try! Here are Somer’s thoughts on this tasty treat.

Wonder Punch | Juicing | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

Juicing… it sounds so California, doesn’t it? Most days I drink them out of a Mason Jar, but every now and then I will put them in a Margarita Glass just to feel fancy. :)  Once the trees in my backyard get big enough I will add a hammock to the mix.  Although, I don’t think I would make it out of the hammock to juice in the first place, so maybe no hammock.

I began juicing back in 2008 after returning from my 3rd tour in Iraq and moving from North Carolina to California.  My husband and I were finally living in the same place, and yet he was leaving soon after to deploy himself.  Maybe I began juicing as a distraction then, but I definitely juice out of passion now.  I love it!  I love the way it makes me feel when I do it regularly and surprisingly, the amount of fruits and veggies that my children willingly drink or eat (popsicles!) without really knowing it makes this mama’s heart happy.

The juicer I currently have is the first one I ever purchased and this baby has held its own!  It’s the Breville Juice Fountain.  After a crazy awesome ride through several moves, more kids than I care to count, and about a bazillion uses, it has sadly seen better days lately, which is why I am currently in the market for a new one. I’ll be sure to let you know which one I decide on and how it stands up to my juicing routine.

The recipe today is one that I use often, a great way to start the day!  Don’t let the ingredients fool you, it’s sweet and yummy!

Wonder Punch | Juicing | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Apple, washed, cut into wedges and seeds removed
  • 4 carrots, washed and ends cut off
  • 1 Beet, washed (you can juice the leaves as well, this particular one I bought without them)
  •  5-6 Kale leaves, washed

Put all the ingredients into your juicer, put a couple of ice cubes into your glass of choice, pour in the juicy goodness and enjoy!

Wonder Punch | Juicing | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

*Note: You can save the pulp for a compost pile or even some other recipes like bread and such.  I have yet to come across one that I like, but if I do, I’ll be sure to pass it along.
Wonder Punch | Juicing | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide
Do you have any juicing recipes that you absolutely love? Please share! I’m always looking for more options for my family.
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