How to Use Trello to Manage Your Life

It’s time to add another application to the short list of resources that you use to make life as a working mom more manageable. Learning how to use Trello alongside Slack and Hashtag Todo/Google Calendar will take you one step closer to clarity and an organized (busy!) life.

How to Use Trello to Organize Your Life

I’m sure your first question is why do I need to learn how to use Trello and add another tool to my arsenal? Can’t I get by with the other resources I’ve implemented into my routine?  

Let’s outline how you are using those other resources –

  • Slack: If you’re a small business owner, you are using Slack to organize your communication. You’re keeping resources handy, business decisions logged and developing overall brand management in a collaborative tool that your team can utilize to move forward with your business.
  • Google Calendar: As a working mom of any kind, you are using Google Calendar to organize your time. You are developing your “virtual brain” by setting reminders for important tasks that often go overlooked, scheduling purposeful play/downtime with your family and friends, and categorizing your personal, professional and family calendars for easy access and big picture view.
  • Hashtag Todo: You’re taking your Google Calendar one step further by organizing your day. By using this handy, auto-updating to do list, you are keeping a constant tally of daily tasks that won’t slip through the cracks if your time shifts elsewhere. It’s for simple, short bits of activity that provide direction and forward momentum.

We are going to use Trello to organize your todo lists. That’s right, all 100 of them. One place. Go you!

There are a couple of ways to approach Trello. (NOTE: Trello can get powerfully complex as a business owner when you utilize “organizations” as your starting point when using the app to organize your company, but for the purposes of the everyday working woman, we’ll keep it simple for this post.) You have three major places to organize communication –

  1. Boards: Boards are full page “buckets” where you keep a series of lists.
  2. Lists: Lists are developed within a board to organized a series of cards.
  3. Cards: Cards are added to lists for tracking specific tasks.

I’ve created a sample board for us to use called Chaos & Kiddos Blog Post Board. This is our home base – My real life home base (master board) is called To Do List.

How to Use Trello

On this sample board, I’ve created a series of lists. These are separated by topics that would be relevant for a working mom. (In my real life board, my lists are separated by brand or personal priority.)

How to Use Trello

Each list has its own series of cards. So far, we’ve used boards and lists to organize the different arenas in our lives. Cards will be where we get started with “doing.”

How to Use Trello

How to Use Trello

Within each card, you have several features to take advantage of:

  • Checklists - A to do list within a to do list! Outline the steps required to complete each card.
  • Attachments - Attach documents, images and other important work related to your card.
  • Due Dates - Set due dates that will mark your cards when you’ve failed to meet your deadline.
  • Members - Share your board with other family members or employees for shared work.
  • Labels - Color code cards for easy, at-a-glance big picture clarity (In progress, pending, unassigned).
  • Subscribe - Set up notifications to keep you up to speed with team updates.
  • Activity Log - Store history, phone call notes and updates to track progress and communicate.

How to Use Trello

How to Use Trello

How to Use Trello

Move cards manually within the card by reassigning to a different list (move cards to “Done”) or drag cards from list to list in your main board view. Another great way to label lists would be to have a master “todo list” and then other lists labeled “assigned,” “in progress,” “in review,” and “complete.” Drag cards from one list to another as it moves through your workflow.

The great thing about Trello is that you organize the information in the way that makes the best sense to you. I’ve shared the way that works for me, but it’s my way. Make it your way! Consider everything you need to accomplish in the various facets of your life and what would help you most when it comes to breaking down your responsibilities into manageable portions. Develop your own creative stage and learn how to use Trello your way.

Have a Trello tip to share? Post it in the comments below!


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      I still use my paper and pen too! Trello is my all encompassing home base, but I use my paper and pen for immediate clarity. I love that feeling of scribbling an action plan down!

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