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You’ve heard me sing the praises of WVEC Channel 13 News and social media guru, Naoma Doriguzzi of Ask Naoma before, both on the blog and on social media. Her constant support and interest in The Studio Hampton Roads have been invaluable to Somer and me, both personally and professionally. Of course we were thrilled to get a call from her pitching an idea to gather some Hampton Roads folks together for a little Instagram “meet and greet” at the local Old Beach Farmer’s Market.

Hampton Roads InstaMeet | Chaos and Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

Our day started out with a fun little surprise when Naoma gave us a shout out during her Social Media Saturday segment on Channel 13. There’s nothing that gets your little heart racing than seeing your hard work pay off on the television screen! I admit, it feels a little “celebrity.” At least in my own Working Mommy mind. Ha!

We had a blast meeting up with several Hampton Roads’ social media lovers, making new friends and connecting with old ones. I even got to meet two bloggers in “real life” for the first time, which was super exciting. Be sure to check out Virginia Blogger, Jonna, of Naturally Glam. She’s a firecracker of feisty fun! And for the record, the Old Beach Farmer’s Market is the most amazing little spot I’ve ever laid eyes on! It was an absolutely wonderful experience to see so many local small business owners sharing and supporting each other with creativity, tasty goodness and commitment to Buy Fresh Buy Local. We were even super excited to meet and welcome My Vegan Sweet Tooth aboard for The Studio Hampton Roads’ upcoming open house at our new location! Owner, Tonya Deveau, has generously offered to contribute some seriously tasty yummy to our Alex’s Lemonade Stand campaign to raise money for childhood cancer research!

Buy Fresh Buy Local | Hampton Roads | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

You might ask yourself why taking the time to head out to a local farmer’s market early on a Saturday morning just to hang out with some random people would be worth your while. These people weren’t photographers, they more than likely wouldn’t be clients (especially the men since we’re female portrait artists)…why put energy into this when my schedule is already jam packed? I talked about this a bit in a guest blog I did for Scott’s Marketplace awhile back, but I’ll revisit briefly here. Every opportunity you have as a small business owner to connect with your local community is worth its weight in gold. Making connections, sharing your personality and letting others know that your community involvement stems beyond your goals as a professional and is deeply rooted in a genuine interest in seeing those around you succeed…it’s invaluable.  Nothing inspires me more and revitalizes my passion for my own small business than connecting with others who are just as committed to making their dreams a reality. And in truth, breaking away from the crazy of day to day business and just kicking back to be social with like-minded individuals is a welcome relief. Get involved! You’ll be glad that you did.

Hampton Roads InstaMeet | Chaos and Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

You can find the complete listing of vendors that visit the Old Beach Farmer’s Market regularly HERE, but here are some fun shots of our day spent there and mentions to some of the fabulous Hampton Roads’ locals that we had the pleasure of meeting.

Fresh Batch Jams – A small, family run business that makes ridiculously tasty jams right in their homes!

Fresh Batch Jam | Hampton Roads InstaMeet | Chaos and Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

Fruitive – The spicy Kale chips are a must-have. I am an official addict now.


Jubilee Seafood Company – They had a special rarity featured! Live soft shell crabs for the picking!


Give. Treat. Love. – Meeting owner, Dave McNeeley, was truly a pleasure. He is such a happy, passionate person when it comes to creating healthy dog treats for your four-legged friends.


Zinnia Girls Flower & Bee Co. – Delightfully delicious local honey and beautiful blooms.

Zinnia Girls | Hampton Roads InstaMeet | Chaos and Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

Three Ships Coffee – I’m not a big coffee drinker myself, but watching these guys work…I was fascinated!


New Earth Farms – Amazing organic farmers that focus on “farm to table” and even host cooking classes.


Tasha’s Own – Hand-crafted goat milk soaps that smell like heaven. Seriously.


My Vegan Sweet Tooth – I always thought vegan food must tasty. I was wrong. Way wrong. You must try the Greek wedding cookies. You’ll thank me later.


The Farmer’s Market was such a bustling environment of color and food and freshness, I’ve already marked my calendar to head down there again this Saturday with the kids so we can enjoy getting out and about with other Hampton Roads folks to celebrate our local community and the creative offerings our small businesses produce. Hampton Roads, I am seriously impressed and honored to be included among such fabulous peers. Keep on, keepin’ on!




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    That sounds like SO much fun!! I love going to farmers markets; the one we have here is really nice :)
    I wish we got to meet in real life (I said that a little pouty).

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