10 Ways to Use Google Calendar

Every busy, working woman needs a reliable calendar app to stay organized. The time has come for you to stop searching! Google Calendar has everything that you need and more. It literally functions as my brain most days and I can’t imagine life without it. Here are 10 ways to use Google Calendar.

10 Ways to Use Google Calendar

  • Multiple Calendars

      • Sometimes one calendar just isn’t enough. Have you ever wished that you had a separate calendar for personal events? Well… now you have it. Google Calendar allows you to keep multiple calendars. Utilize this feature by keeping multiple calendars for business, personal, family, etc. I have one for each brand of my business, one for the kids, one for the blog and one just for me!
  • Appointments & Schedules

      • We couldn’t have a calendar post without discussing the importance of appointments and schedules (it is a calendar). You can use your Google Calendar for scheduling any and all of your events and appointments. The key is the electronic reminder. A paper calendar is fabulous, but if you don’t look at it, you can still forget. I love that my Google calendars allow me to forget because they’ll be sure to remind me just in time. This is also a great way to keep track of your work hours, especially if you are self-employed. I track the publication dates for my blog posts so I don’t have to constantly log back into WordPress.
  • Daily To-Do

      • Create daily to-do lists with Tasks. Check off the tasks as you go, and feel an awesome sense of accomplishment when all of those tasks are completed! You KNOW how I love my to do lists!! They are a must-have. Every. Day.
  • Syncability

      • Did you know that you can sync your Google Calendar to your phone or tablet? WIN. This allows for greater productivity with regards to keeping all of your calendars wherever you are. No more logging into your desktop to verify your schedule; your calendar is now portable. Schedule on the go and it will be there on your desktop when you get back to the office.
  • Due Dates for Deadlines

      • Schedule important deadlines and due dates with your Google Calendar by utilizing Tasks. Categorize the deadline by priority and due date to achieve maximum efficiency. Prioritization is a big player when it comes to working mom sanity. Your ability to set priority and then adhere to those decisions allows you to focus and relieve stress.
  • Invitations

      • Use your Google Calendar to invite others to important events. Simply send the invitation to the appropriate email addresses with an RSVP request and wait for the responses to pile in. Use this feature for parties, conference calls, Google Videos, and other events. Get social! No really, client consults are ok too. The great thing about Google Calendars is that most people are very familiar with them and can easily respond (instead of feeling unsure by a new app or program).
  • Share with Others

      • Similar to the Invitation feature, you can share your Google Calendar with others. Simply share a copy of your calendar through email and the recipients will be able to view your schedule. You will also be able to coordinate your schedules in order to create collaboration sessions, important meetings, or even a spa day. My business partner and I each work remotely, so our business lives and dies by our shared Google Calendar. Our virtual assistant works out of state, so that type of visibility answers a lot of her questions before she even has to ask.
  • Hidden Events

      • Did you know that you can hide events? This is especially useful on a shared calendar. For example, let’s say that you are trying to plan a surprise party for a friend, but do not want them to find out; it’s a surprise! When creating events, simply changes the visibility setting to Private. This allows only individuals who have Make Changes access to the calendar to see the private event. Go on with your bad, spy, sneaky self!
  • Voice Memos

      • Record voice memos on your Google Calendar while you are on the go. Simply activate the voice-to-text recorder on your synced Google Calendar and record your memo through voice-recording. This can be especially useful when it might be more efficient to speak into a microphone than text out an entire memo.
  • Change Your View

    • Google Calendar gives you the ability to change your calendar view between day, 4-day, week, month, year, and agenda views. Agenda is extremely helpful when you need to see upcoming events or appointments in a synchronous view. Essentially, it’s your calendar, your way.

These are just a few ways to use Google Calendar to its fullest extent. There are so many customized widgets and apps that can be integrated with Google Calendar (My friends at Pixifi integrate which makes our booking system a breeze at The Studio Hampton Roads!). PS. Check out CalenMob. It’s Google Calendar on crack.

How do you use Google Calendar?




  1. says

    Okay, you’ve convinced me. The main problem with my pen and paper calendar is that I add stuff to it and think, “I wrote this down, so now I don’t have to remember it” and then I miss stuff all the time.

    • says

      I know exactly what you mean. I had the same problem myself. A pen and paper calendar is only so good as how many times you look at it during the day, which is tedious. I love that technology has allowed me to put that constant “I’ve gotta check” routine aside and how the scheduled reminders think for me.

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