Working Mom Spotlight! An Interview with Tami from Mom of 11 Kids

Mom of 11 Kids

Life as a working mom is always a busy balance between chaos, kiddos, work and play. Can you imagine running your own small business (that turns out to be not so small!) as a mom of 11 kids? Suddenly feel like your life is a bit more manageable? Me too! I'm thrilled to introduce you to Tami, of Mom of 11 Kids. She has a fabulous new line of all-natural, made in the USA products made just for you and your littles, and her life and business are just what I'm loving on when it comes to Modern Femme … [Read more...]

Calling All #WomenWhoWork! 3 Reasons You Need To Attend #MFM2016

#WomenWhoWork #MFM2016 Join the Movement

For us #WomenWhoWork, we most often wear several hats on any given moment of any given day. Many, if not most, of us are mothers, and we're wives, friends, sisters, daughters, too. It's in our nature to provide for those around us. We are motivated, personally and professionally. We have dreams. We are #WomenWhoWork. And, most of us are really, really, really burnt out. The Modern Femme Movement is coming to Virginia Beach, VA in May 2016. It's a three-day, power-packed long weekend of … [Read more...]

FREE Online Conference Alert! A Don’t Miss Opp for Small Biz Owners

Fit, Focused & Effective: Health Summit for Busy Women

I made the announcement last week to mark your calendars for May 12-14, 2016 for Modern Femme Movement (Seriously, do NOT miss this!!). More coming on that front (Stay tuned!), and a teeny, tiny reminder that subscribers to this blog (Fill me out over there!! ----->) and members of the Facebook community will get the first shot at early registration. I have a few other surprises in the works, but I wanted to take a quick moment to share a fabulous free online conference opportunity for busy … [Read more...]

The Love Story of Adoption

The Love Story of Adoption | Chaos & Kiddos

I met Jennifer at a wedding earlier this year and was captivated by her heart for adoption. Hearing how she started her own small business journey with the specific purpose to fund her family's dream of adopting a child in need was an inspiration and true example of ambition, purpose and commitment to turning dreams into reality. It brings a whole new meaning to the term "working mom."  I'm thrilled to play a tiny part in their adoption story by sharing with all of you. Please welcome Jennifer … [Read more...]

Hampton Roads #ExploreHRVA #Instameet with Ask Naoma

Hampton Roads InstaMeet | Chaos and Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

You've heard me sing the praises of WVEC Channel 13 News and social media guru, Naoma Doriguzzi of Ask Naoma before, both on the blog and on social media. Her constant support and interest in The Studio Hampton Roads have been invaluable to Somer and me, both personally and professionally. Of course we were thrilled to get a call from her pitching an idea to gather some Hampton Roads folks together for a little Instagram "meet and greet" at the local Old Beach Farmer's Market. Our day … [Read more...]

Alex’s Lemonade Stand – The Mini but Mighty Heroes – End Childhood Cancer

Alex's Lemonade Stand | End Childhood Cancer | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

As a mother, as a human being...the words escape me. There is no way to properly express the empathy I feel for families who battle cancer, and for those with young children...I just can't even speak. It makes my heart ache. It scares me. It makes me angry. And I want to end childhood cancer. All cancer. NOW. So that no child will hurt or suffer in its horrible grasp ever again. So that no family has to brave such heartbreak ever again. I am honored to have the opportunity to join the fight … [Read more...]

14 Tips for Coping with Depression while Raising Children: Guest Blogger Jenessa from Mothering {In Real Life}

Coping with Depression While Raising Children | Jenessa Mullen | Chaos & Kiddos

Let's give a big welcome to Jenessa from Mothering {In Real Life} as she visits us today to share 14 tips for coping with depression while raising children. As you know from my recent post, Why Choosing Medication was the Best Move for Me, mental health and the journey towards recovering yourself and your life is very near and dear to my heart. Jenessa, thank you for sharing such a tender subject that can help so many! Hi, my name is Jenessa and I am so excited to be guest posting here … [Read more...]

How to Organize Hand-Me-Down Clothes – Guest Blogger: Brittany Bullen

Organize Hand-Me-Down Clothes | Brittany Bullen | Chaos & Kiddos

A big welcome to guest blogger, awesome mama and social media extraordinaire, Brittany Bullen! She's with us today sharing some great tips and tricks to keeping those kiddo closets in order. And once your hand-me-downs are ready for sale, be sure to check out Using Your Resources: How to Resell Your Used Items and Buy Second Hand and How to Store and Prepare Your Used Items for Resale for the next steps to the craze that is kiddo wardrobes.   Looking for the easy button for how to organize … [Read more...]

Chaos & Kiddos Shout Out on Channel 13 News!!

WVEC Channel 13 News | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

A super exciting quickie post to share....this weekend Chaos & Kiddos got a shout out on WVEC Channel 13 News! Follow the video clip to the very end to hear how Naoma Doriguzzi, their social media expert and lead behind the Ask Naoma series, encourages travelers to connect with local bloggers and mentions us for the Hampton Roads area! Such a fantastic surprise to a Saturday morning of crazy! Somer and I met Naoma quite some time ago at a social media event at the news station that we … [Read more...]

Cyber Bullying and Self Harm: Emily Speaks

Cyber Bullying and Self Harm | Emily Speaks | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

ANOTHER AWESOME UPDATE! A link up has been added to the bottom of this post. If you've written a blog post about bullying, self harm or other difficult journeys, please share your post! Let's join together to build a community of supporters who are committed to the fight to stop bullying and want to actively work to encourage those who are hurting around us. LINK UP AND SHARE! UPDATE! Due to the overwhelming show of support and response to Emily's post, we are hoping to host an Anti-Bullying … [Read more...]