Cruciferous Lover’s Delight Juicing Recipe: Somer Cooks

Cruciferous Lover's Delight | Healthy Juicing Recipe | Somer Cook

Get your mind out of the gutter! This is not a recipe for adding a little spice to your love life. No Fifty Shades here...Admittedly, I had to look up the word "cruciferous" when Somer sent me this recipe. Apparently, it means vegetable. That's right, veggies. No blaspheming, no dirty talk, no love potion. This is a recipe for healthy people who love their vegetables. Which is probably why I didn't know what this word meant. Moving's a quickie (ahhh!!!!) from Somer for a … [Read more...]

Wonder Punch Juicing Recipe: Somer Cooks

Wonder Punch | Juicing | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please refer to my Legal Policies and Terms of Use. The opinions here are entirely my own. When I asked Somer what she wanted to call this post, she replied "Wonder Punch - It's a wonder anyone would drink it but it tastes so good!" I have learned from experience to never question Somer when she tells me something will be tasty, so you know I'll be giving this juicing recipe a try! Here are Somer's thoughts on this tasty … [Read more...]

Chicken Quesa Soup (Chicken Noodle Soup): Somer Cooks

Easy Chicken Noodle Soup | Recipe | Somer Cooks

I have learned that a lot of my friends often hide some of the ingredients they put in their meals in order for their children to eat them (Editor's Note - I am that Mom! I stealthily hide everything! And probably shouldn't).  I have found that if I just name the meal something different, regardless if my girls can see what’s in it or not, they will eat it.  Soooo, Chicken Quesa Soup it is! For whatever reason, this name makes them giggle and ask for second helpings! This simple chicken noodle … [Read more...]

Easy Homemade Chicken Stock: Somer Cooks

Somer Cooks |Easy Homemade Chicken Stock | Chaos & Kiddos

Remember that beautiful No Frills Whole Roasted Chicken I shared last week? Hopefully it's made its way to the short list for your next shopping list and menu prep. Perfect timing! We're about to dig in to the first recipe to put that same chicken to good use for another family meal. As part of "The Bird Word" series, we're exploring how to make the most of your money by buying whole chickens and spreading them over several meals instead of buying already prepped and trimmed chicken breasts at a … [Read more...]

No Frills Whole Roasted Chicken: Somer Cooks

Somer Cooks |Whole Roasted Chicken | Chaos & Kiddos

I used to be just like any other typical grocery shopper and would pick up chicken breasts already prepped and trimmed for quick weeknight dinners. Then a friend of mine brought to my attention that you could get a whole chicken from Whole Foods for $2.49/lb vice the 4 chicken breasts for $4.99/lb that I was currently buying (I’m not sure what the conversion rate is from breast to whole chicken but that just seems ridiculous!).  On a tight budget with three small children, it clearly made much … [Read more...]

Grilled Chili-Lime Chicken with Strawberry Avocado Salsa: Somer Cooks

Chili-Lime Chicken with Strawberry Avocado Salsa | Somer Cooks | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

Seriously, I'm in awe of her. Somer partners with me to run The Studio Hampton Roads and Modern Femme, parents three small kids (one a newborn!) all day at home AND cooks crazy delicious, healthy meals for her family...she is super woman. I don't know how she does it. We're up for another tasty treat today that has me STARVING! With strawberries still in season, I could NOT resist sharing one of my favorite strawberry, avocado and grilled chicken recipes.  Having made my share of … [Read more...]

Yummy Mummy Granola: Somer Cooks

Yummy Mummy Granola | Somer Cooks | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

I will preface this post with, she made me my own batch of this for the boys when she was writing this post. Holy deliciousness, Batman! Her "yummy mummy granola" can "yummy mummy its way into my tummy" any day of the week and twice on Sundays. So. Good.  As a mother of 3, I often find time is a hot commodity! I am always looking for ways to spend time with my girls while also getting stuff done around the house.  Cooking is no exception.  Today, I decided to experiment with making … [Read more...]

Apple Vanilla Pancakes by Weelicious: Somer Cooks

Apple Vanilla Pancakes | Somer Cooks | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please refer to my Legal Policies and Terms of Use. The opinions here are entirely my own. By now you all know my go-to, gal pal and small biz partner from The Studio Hampton Roads, Somer Anne. She's the fab photog behind many of my posts. What I haven't mentioned previously is that she is also a Mama to three kiddos, staying at home to care for them while also running the marketing and branding side of our business in her very sporadic, … [Read more...]