How to Schedule One-On-One Time With Your Child

Now that I am almost 2 years into living on my own (holy cow?! for real?!), it occurred to me that my twins were never, ever, getting any one-on-one time with me. When I was married, solo time wasn’t especially frequent, but I did make an effort to split them up to make sure they got to go on an errand with Mom or run to the hardware store with Dad every now and again. Now that it’s just me, it’s always the three of us, together wherever we go, all day, every day. As a mother of multiples, I … [Read more...]

The Corporate Captive: An Update on My Transition to Work At Home Life

I’m about six months into my transition from full time corporate work to a new, full time work at home routine. I’ve been busily focusing my energies on Modern Femme™ Movement and our upcoming May convention (join us!), also expanding my services with The Hampton Roads Creative, which will soon transition to a special new project that I’ll share with you very soon! I’d love to tell you that this transition has been an easy one and that I’ve got a perfect routine now, am the epitome of … [Read more...]

Year-End Money Tips for Working Moms and Female Entrepreneurs

Money Tips for Working Moms

I don't know about you but the end of the year brings two thoughts...well, three thoughts for me. One, CHRISTMAS!!!!! Two, fresh start on January 1st! And three, holy cow, what's my money situation? Taxes are coming. A big, big thank you to Kristen Robinson, SVP of Women and Young Investors at Fidelity Investments for taking the time to develop these year-end money tips for working moms and female entrepreneurs! 2 Tips for Female Business Owners / Entrepreneurs: Keep Your Future in … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget: 5 Must Haves for Babysitter Drop Off

Babysitter Drop Off

Dropping the kids off at the babysitter’s might seem like a no-brainer. Drop them off with someone trustworthy, and go about your business. It might seem simple in theory, but how many times have you reached the babysitter’s front door and realized that you forgot Mr. Bumble Bottom, your child’s most favorite item on the entire planet? Don’t worry, it has happened to all of us. We’ve all had that moment where we suddenly remember the thing that we should have provided the sitter with. In order … [Read more...]

Teaching Your Child How to Be a Good Friend

How to be a Good Friend

Once your children reach school-age, there are entirely new challenges to face as a parent when your child is suddenly thrust into a new environment where they have to learn how to deal with all sorts of different personalities. It’s an exciting time as they get to meet their peers and make new friends, but it can also be a little confusing and chaotic as they learn to navigate a new environment. One way to ensure that they thrive in that new environment is by teaching them how to be a good … [Read more...]

The Value of Tradition as a Working Mom

The Value of Tradition

It is so easy to let everyday life take over your mind and prevent you from keeping your eye on your family’s welfare. Being the hard working woman that you are, you might feel that you need to work to keep your family happy; when all your family really wants is your presence, love and affection. Tradition is valuable for working moms. Traditions can bring your family together, and allow you to create bonds that last for generations. With the holidays approaching, it's important to recognize … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Teach Kids About Money

5 Ways to Teach Kids About Money

I still struggle to realize that my boys will be 5 years old soon, that they are brilliantly smart, and ready to be challenged with more complex lessons. I hadn't even considered different ways to teach kids about money until they started setting up shop in their bedroom and splitting coins amongst themselves. I asked Melissa from CloudMom to come share her ideas on how to teach kids about money, so that I can get started with my boys just as I hope you will get started with your … [Read more...]

How to Help Your Kids Stay Organized for School

Help Your Kids Stay Organized for School

We're several weeks into the school year is it going for you? Are you settling into a rhythm or are you still struggling to find order in your chaos? Truth be told, just this morning, I got all the way to school with the boys and went to get out of the car, only to find that I had left their backpacks AND their lunches sitting near the front door. Fail! So, I've called in a pro. How do you help your kids stay organized for school? Let's here from Melissa at CloudMom!  It’s 3pm. … [Read more...]

The 10 Best Things About Being a Working Parent

The 10 Best Things About Being a Working Parent

I sometimes find myself envious of the stay-at-home moms and dads who stroll up to the bus stop with a steaming mug of coffee in their loungewear or yoga pants.  Once their kids step onto the bus, they have what I often perceive to be an entire day of freedom laid out in front of them to finish laundry, work out, run errands, or maybe just take a nap. Must be nice, huh? Of course, I know stay-at-home parents don’t have it easy at all, and that "fantasy" of mine is truly that - an illusion … [Read more...]

Be Kind To Yourself: Words of Wisdom from Alyssa Milano

Be Kind to Yourself | Alyssa Milano | Sprout Mom-Bassador

I had the opportunity to chat with actress and working mom, Alyssa Milano, last week as she celebrated her new role as "Mom-Bassador" for the Sprout channel's 10 year anniversary. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her life as a working mom and her answers always centered around one fundamental rule: Be Kind to Yourself. I thought this was especially powerful, because as mothers, we so often overlook self-care as we race around taking care of everyone else around us. … [Read more...]