Back to School Blues: Emily Speaks

Back to School Blues | Pep Talk | Emily Speaks

I know that some of you may be scared of going back to school, maybe because you don't want to be bullied again, or you're scared that you won't make any new friends. Or maybe you're just nervous you might not do that well in school this year. Well let me tell you this...I'm nervous to go back to school myself ! All that you need to do is believe in yourself. Believe that you will be successful. Believe that you will make a ton of new friends. Believe that you will have the best year that you … [Read more...]

True Friendship and Letting Go: Emily Speaks

True Friendship and Letting Go | Emily Speaks | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

Knowing what true friendship looks like is very important. People can be very cruel and you may think you know someone, but they can turn out to be a whole different person from who you thought they were. Your friends, best friends, sometimes even your family. I had a friend who I thought was amazing, so nice. I thought she was the best friend I could ever have. We did everything together; we basically lived in each other's houses. We had our ups and downs, but we always made up the next day. … [Read more...]

Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series: Puzzle Piece Affirmation Magnets

Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series | Puzzle Piece Affirmation Magnets | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Gui

This week's Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series challenged us to repurpose old puzzle pieces. I think we can all admit as parents that there is no shortage of random, useless pieces in our homes once we let the kids crack into a new puzzle. I decided to do a little something different this week and instead of centering my project around activities for the twins, I decided to hold a mother daughter night and make a project that served as an extension of the Emily Speaks series. Over a scary … [Read more...]

11 Alternatives to Self Harm: Emily Speaks

Alternatives to Self Harm | Emily Speaks | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

If you're just connecting with the Emily Speaks series, be sure to check out her first post, Cyber Bullying and Self-Harm, to catch up. Today, Emily will be sharing 11 alternatives to self harm to help those hurting to make healthier choices to cope with emotional struggles.  I know it can be hard not to self-harm if you're being bullied, but you need to try to think of other ways to deal with the pain. Cutting leaves angry scars on your body. You should try to deal with your hurt in other … [Read more...]

Cyber Bullying and Self Harm: Emily Speaks

Cyber Bullying and Self Harm | Emily Speaks | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide

ANOTHER AWESOME UPDATE! A link up has been added to the bottom of this post. If you've written a blog post about bullying, self harm or other difficult journeys, please share your post! Let's join together to build a community of supporters who are committed to the fight to stop bullying and want to actively work to encourage those who are hurting around us. LINK UP AND SHARE! UPDATE! Due to the overwhelming show of support and response to Emily's post, we are hoping to host an Anti-Bullying … [Read more...]