Recurring Calendar Reminders for a More Organized You

We’ve been on the New Year, New You train lately! Last week, we talked about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and streamlining your social media management with Hootsuite Pro, and now we’re going to dive into more street smart organizational tips for life management.  The one phrase you’ll hear me say time and time again is to “Use your resources!” Any opportunity you have to take advantage of available technology, tools, or even people, to automate parts of your life that are eating up way more time than they deserve is a chance to take one step closer towards ordering your chaos.

A few questions to get us started…do you have a phone? (We all know the answer to that one.) Do you use the calendar feature? Calendar reminders? (Yes, No, Sometimes.) I bet that many of us use the calendar to track meetings, dentist appointments, hair cuts, deadlines, birthday parties and other one time events we’ve planned to attend or have responsibilities to fulfill. Our running to do list of where we need to be on any given day, the calendar serves to outline specific events or moments in time that require our physical presence.

Recurring Calendar Reminders for a More Organized You

Have you ever thought about using the calendar feature to set recurring calendar reminders for those most basic tasks that constantly need attention but most often fall through the cracks because there is just enough time between events that they slip the mind among the daily crazy? (What?! No?!) Missed opportunity!

Using your online calendar app (whether it’s via your phone’s operating system or via a platform like Google) provides a unique opportunity to mentally download a whole laundry list of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual responsibilities that you’re constantly trying to NOT forget about. The best part about recurring calendar reminders is that you only have to set them up once. By entering the task, setting it to recurring and clicking an “end date” (or none) where appropriate means these little tasks will pop up on your radar automatically every week, every month, every quarter, every year.

Recurring Calendar Reminders to a More Organized You!This mental download of information that you have to remember but most often forget serves several purposes:

1. Important tasks don’t fall through the cracks anymore. Quarterly bills are paid on time, your car is well maintained, etc.

2. Peace of mind knowing you’ve created a system that holds you accountable. Literal transfer of stress and responsibility can be a huge relief.

3. Brain power and attention is released to focus energy on more important projects. No more damage control or frenzied thought patterns.

4. Daily life is ordered and well-managed ahead of time, reducing chaos and feeling like you’re always playing catch up. Live confidently and at ease!

So what types of of recurring calendar reminders will help you stay on track with all of the little minutia of day-to-day life? We’ve already referenced a few…quarterly bills (estimated tax payments, pest control), car maintenance (oil changes, tire rotation, inspection)…if you’d like a complete list of 25 recurring calendar reminders to a more organized you, then visit THIS LINK and download the free list!

Recurring Calendar Reminders for a More Organized You



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