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Creating order in chaos is a basic necessity for working moms. We wear many hats and multitask like rock stars, juggling our home and professional lives with a smile plastered to our face and a Mary Poppins bag at our side to save the day at a moment’s notice. From the second we wake up in the wee hours of the morning, until the second we crash on the pillow late at night, our feet hit the ground running and we push through every day with conviction, courage and more than a little insanity. Because “doing it all” is the only option, those around us often mistake our self-sufficiency and balance as not needing support, encouragement or some days, just a big ole hug.

Working Women. Just. Like. You. Your Tribe.
As working moms, we often overlook self-care and in the busy of daily life haphazardly fall short when it comes to friendship, community and a solid support system. It was when I realized that I was desperately lacking friends who intimately understood the challenges that working moms face that the idea for The Modern Femme Movement was born. Designed as an online support community that provides a safe haven for the burnt-out working mom, The Modern Femme Movement is a collaborative effort to support and encourage each other as we all navigate the challenge that is balancing our careers and more importantly, our families.

Working Moms United | Chaos & Kiddos

What began as a tiny spark of an idea has quickly blossomed into a robust community of engaging women from all walks of life. Having a place to laugh, speak openly and honestly, and relax in the company of like-minded ladies has been a tremendous encouragement for working moms across the country. It’s my hope that The Modern Femme Movement will grow steadily into a network of local tribes that meet regularly to support and challenge each other as professional women. And if you haven’t heard the amazing news, we’re now hosting a nationwide conference that brings working moms together for a weekend of pampering, revitalizing and refocusing with trusted friends and allies.

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If you’d like to be a member of The Modern Femme Movement, the best place to get started is in our active Facebook community, where we share helpful resources, laugh with each other and have purposeful discussions on a variety of working-parent related topics. After joining the community, you can list yourself on the member roll call and connect with other working moms in your hometown. You can also visit us on Google Plus and keep up with the latest and greatest on Twitter. We also have a dedicated Pinterest board that you can follow (and contribute to – just email me!).

Working Moms United | Chaos & Kiddos


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Whether you’re a current member or are just joining us, be sure to grab a button below to display on social media, your website or blog or any other place where other working moms might have the opportunity to stumble upon this great resource. Let’s work together to continue growing our support system into a powerhouse of women united in our professional and personal lives!

Modern Femme Movement



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