Must-Have Parenting Items that I Can’t Live Without

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Let’s face it. As a mother of multiples, I’ve tried practically every toy, gadget, something or other out there on the planet. Survival of the fittest is the name of the game and you need the right tools to get through the day. My must-have parenting items that I can’t live without are the tried and true gems I go back to day in and day out after crashing and burning with some other items that just didn’t fit the bill.

Must-Have Parenting Items | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide


Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper | Amazon Prime | Facebook Resale Groups | First Years Sound for Silence Deluxe Sound Machine

Ninja Blender | Playtex Fridge To Go Tote | OxiClean Baby | FarFaria Children’s Books for iPad | iKea Portable Potty | Parking Pal


Dole Fruit Squish ‘Ems | PBS Sprout | Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag

1. Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper: I buy this for every single friend or family member I know that is having a baby. This single-handedly was the #1 absolute must-have for the twins. They slept in these next to our bed for the first 3 months of their lives. I had peace knowing they were close, strapped in, inclined to help with their crazy reflux (serious exorcist-style) and I could reach over and soothe them without getting out of bed. Fold it up, bring it downstairs and they’re chillin’ while I’m feeding one or doing chores. LOVED THIS. Honestly, I’m not sure how we would have survived without it.

2. Amazon Prime: Another must-have with multiples. Getting out of the house with the both of them…well, let’s just say it took awhile before we could handle it. As in, just last week I took them to the pet store alone. With no stroller. And they’ve just turned 3. Ha. This membership pays for itself QUICKLY. Between larger items shipping for free and Subscribe & Save diaper and wipe scheduled deliveries, I just can’t say enough as to how pivotal this service was (and still is) to our survival as parents of twins. Amazon Mom is also a hot new way to save big on all things kiddo/baby related. Thank the Lord for Amazon!

3.  Facebook Resale Groups: I talked about this in detail in Using Your Resources: How to Resell Your Used Items and Buy Second Hand. It’s my go-to resources for when I need clothing or other home items, and my local group has become a wonderful hot spot to sell the items i’m ready to get rid of. Thank the Lord for modern technology and the ability to connect with other parents to trade/sell/buy and all else. My kids wear practically nothing brand new, they are none the wiser and our pocketbooks are much happier.

4. First Years Sound for Silence Deluxe Sound Machine: You all know I have a husband, a very loud teenager who tramples up the stairs like an elephant parade and a stubborn barking bull dog. Needless to say, the sound machine is still in use. It doesn’t totally drown out the crazy, but it muffles it enough for the boys to sleep peacefully. They also love the blue night light and we often turn it to music for mini dance parties in the room. We even brought it with us when we traveled so they had a piece of home to help them sleep in new surroundings.

5. Ninja Blender: This is mommy’s luxury item. That gets used almost entirely for the kids. We are in a major veggie famine. If they see it, they won’t eat it. Cue the smoothie machine. Spinach, carrots, all kinds of veggie goodness have met their match here and have gone down tiny throats with a smile. I’m always on the hunt for new smoother recipes and the Ninja really pulverizes everything. It’s loud as heck and the boys trembled a bit the first time we gave it a go, but the smoothness of the finish has curtailed the “I don’t like these specks!” that I got with my old blender.

6. Playtex Fridge To Go Tote: This little gem got a shout out in How to Avoid the Epic Meltdown: Understanding Your Child’s Cues, but it’s so awesome that it deserves another nod. Gets used EVERY. DAY. I pack their snack and milk in it each morning and when I pick them up from day care, I have it ready and waiting for them in the car. It’s helped curb tantrums and also comes in handy for long drives, trips to the park or a long wait at the doctor’s. At night, pop it back in the freezer and it’s ready for the next day.

7. OxiClean Baby: One word. Reflux. Both boys had it. BAD. We went through tubs and tubs of OxiClean Baby constantly during their first year of life. It was one of the only things that really got the smell and nasty grossness of constant spit up out of their clothes (and mine). I could always tell when we had been out and a load went through without it. The stains were still there and the clothes were dingy and icky.

8. FarFaria Children’s Books for iPad: I reviewed this product about a month ago HERE, and it’s still going strong. It’s become a night time staple in our bedtime routine and the boys just can’t get enough of the stories. Some have songs or animal noises, and their very favorite book shows them all kinds of trucks and they just love repeating their names. From a parent’s perspective, it is magical to see them get excited about a story and pretty darn cute to hear them try to say “excavator” and “knuckle boom loader.” A very small investment for a very big pay out.

9. iKea Portable Potty: Potty training is a nightmare for a million different reasons (Have you read Potty Training: How to Graduate from Rewards to Real Life?). Add multiples and super-expensive training potties to the mix, and I’ve got a panic attack on my hands. These iKea potties are a dream! There’s not much to them, which is awesome because there really doesn’t need to be and it doesn’t set the expectation that the “big boy potty” should sing them songs and blink flashing lights. That also means easy to clean, which is a major mommy win. Couple that with the bottom dollar price tag and we were able to purchase 4 of them, two for upstairs and two for downstairs, so no constant running around to make sure we had one at the ready for those “gotta go” moments.

10. Parking Pal: With twins, this has been a major must-have win. Someone is always waiting while the other one is getting strapped in or taken out of the car. Once we learned to walk, it was always a risk that somebody would take off running or wander into the wrong area. The Parking Pal allows me to know the one waiting is safely by my side, still and not going anywhere. They both love taking turns fitting their hands onto the hand print and I always have them identify the ABC letters they know while they wait. Great peace of mind!

11. Dole Fruit Squish ‘Ems: These guys are a major save in a pinch. They fit great in the daily cooler, they are shelf-stable, so can also be stashed in a backpack, and they even have ones with veggies mixed in now, which gives me another boost for my veggie-famine dudes. No mess, easy open, great flavor. The boys love them! They find their way into lunches, snacks and are especially well-loved when someone isn’t feeling well and doesn’t really want to eat. They’ll always suck these down, especially cool, because it soothes their throat.

12. PBS Sprout: This is our go-to station when it is time to sit quietly and relax for a bit or when mommy needs a few minutes to get ready for work. Their favorite show is Super Why and I love that they are practicing letter recognition and problem-solving when they watch it. Most of the programs are educational in nature, be it learning life lessons or school-related, and the simple, clean fun is a welcome relief in today’s world.

13. Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag: Two words. STROLLER STRAPS. The connecting straps on this bag are genius. Having items at the ready and not having to strong arm a diaper bag into the bottom area of a stroller were the major wins for this item. We were able to fit a ton of stuff in it, with lots of pockets and ways to stay organized, but hands down, the ability to have it strapped and hung on the back of the stroller really saved the day for us.

Any must-have parenting items in your life? Be sure to share! 


  1. says

    I really want a Ninja, but I’m so scared that I will cut my finger off with the blade. Those blades look so sharp (my mom has one) and I’m afraid of sharp object. My parenting must haves are Britax car seats, PBS Kids, and

    • says

      Admittedly, my daughter (13) has cut herself on the blades already. They are super, super sharp. But once it happened once, it never happened again. We are all super careful now. Starfall is awesome! We have the ABC app on my phone.

  2. says

    Yes, I don’t know if they are must-haves, but I know that I DO have most of these items. I didn’t have any of them with my first two children! This is a great list. Thanks for sharing. Pinning!

    Your co-host from Creative Style Linkup ~~April~~

  3. says

    Your list brought back some memories. One of my must haves for when my kids were babies was a carry sling. So much easier to do things with a fussy baby when they are tucked away and your hands are free.

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