Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series: Funny Face Planters

It’s the very last week of the Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series, and I admit, I’m more than a little sad! This challenge has been a highlight of our summer. We’ve had wonderful family days together, playing and crafting, and in truth, this challenge pushed me to make sure I was taking the time to introduce my kids to art and creative play and to put aside the busy of life for some simple fun. We’re going out strong this week with milk jugs! We had a blast creating Funny Face Planters that are now decorating our back porch with pretty flowers and a bit of silly.
Think Outside the Toy Box | Funny Face Planters | Chaos & Kiddos
I’d been stashing milk jugs for a few weeks before this project, so we were ready to go with 4, so the boys got 2 each. I chopped the front top off, but left the handles so they were easy for the boys to carry them.
Think Outside the Toy Box | Funny Face Planters | Chaos & Kiddos
They each got to take turns telling me what they wanted their faces to look like. I asked questions like “Do you want big eyes or small eyes?” and “Is your face happy or sad or scary?” and “Do you want long hair or short hair?” so they had a blast controlling what I was drawing. It was also a great opportunity for them to imagine and identify feelings and how that might look on their planter characters.
B went for a pirate and a curly-haired girl.
Think Outside the Toy Box | Funny Face Planters | Chaos & Kiddos
J asked for a scary monster face and admittedly, was a bit distracted on the last one, so I may have inserted my own creative vision with a little Jessica Rabbit throwback (This one had a persistent sticker that needed to be covered up).
Think Outside the Toy Box | Funny Face Planters | Chaos & Kiddos
We used construction paper for the hair, along with a little Elmer’s glue and the Funny Face Planters were born!! By the way, where the milk bottles had gaps or impressions, we used them to our advantage with super crazy eyes!
Think Outside the Toy Box | Funny Face Planters | Chaos & Kiddos
After a quick trip to pick up some flowers, it was time to head outside for the messy fun. I picked up a bag of potting soil, and along with two brand new Mickey trowels, the boys filled each of their jugs with dirt. And the rest of my deck. With dirt. And the dog. Yup, with more dirt.
2014-07-27_0006 Think Outside the Toy Box | Funny Face Planters | Chaos & Kiddos
Once they had their planters mostly filled, I inserted the flowers and filled around the edges. Our lovely Funny Faces Family was done!
2014-07-27_0011 Think Outside the Toy Box | Funny Face Planters | Chaos & Kiddos
Do you have a fun activity with milk jugs? Be sure to link it up below! And check out these fabulous blogs for more ideas!
Think Outside the Toy Box Summer Series | Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy's Survival Guide


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    What a great use of old plastic containers — very creative!

    This is the first time that I visit your site and I have enjoyed it very much. You are a very busy woman, and I am amazed that you still find the time to have such an interesting and informative blog. I recently started a blog and I have trouble finding enough time to work on it. I am an university professor, a mother of a 4 year old, and a step-mother of a 12 year old. In addition, my husband and I have a cottage that we rent to tourists. Any suggestions regarding time efficiency are welcomed!

    • says

      Hi Marina! Thanks so much for the kind words and thoughtfulness. I’m a work in progress, and have daily struggles with accomplishing everything I’d like to in the crazy of life. Check out my Pinterest account for lots of helpful resources for staying organizing, managing your time and keeping balance.

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    These are too cute! So many fun ways to use milk jugs! Thanks for linking up at Bloggers Brags Pinterest party! Pinned! #ibabloggers

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      Thanks Echo!! I admit, my inner creative self was having a blast making the faces. Especially loved taking the boys direction and then watching their excitement when they saw it come to life!

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