Family Far Away: 7 Tips to Stay in Touch

Last week I lamented and vented with Family Far Away: The Tough Stuff. This week it’s time for the good news! All is not lost thanks to today’s technology and there are a number of great ways to stay connected with long-distance family and friends. Turn that frown upside down and heal that “miss you” heart with these seven tips to staying in touch!

Family Far Away: 7 Tips to Stay in Touch

1. Social Media - Facebook and Instagram
The 24/7 real time access to every detail of our lives through social media has its very good and very bad points, but a major win at the top of the list of good points is that family far away get to live vicariously through our images, updates and video shares. Relationships that would have otherwise been extremely difficult to keep alive get a new lease on life by following and interacting with each other on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. I’m so thankful my family can see what the kids are up to on a daily basis.

2. Video Chat - Skype and FaceTime
Voice recognition via frequent phone calls was the best way to keep in touch and develop a relationship in the past. Technology has taken that so much further with things like Skype, FaceTime (and Google Hangouts!). My kids know their grandparents voice, but even more importantly, they know their faces. They love to video chat, share silly faces, sing together and even see the family pets each week. Plus, the video feature keeps their attention better and they stay much more engaged than they would on the phone.

3. Pen Pal Care Packages
Even with all this new technology, there is still something so special and exciting about receiving “real mail.” Sending little care packages back and forth with pictures, treats and cards can be a fantastic way to keep in touch with family and friends far away. Checking the mail is the highlight of my boys’ day and if there’s something for them?! Immediate chaos ensues with how excited they are.

4. Write a Book Together
My mom actually came up with this idea forever ago. What a neat way to create together, build something truly special and share a project over time. The grandparent (or other family far away member) starts the book and sets up the beginning story line, drawing pictures, introducing characters, etc. Then you ship it to the child and they continue the story at the “left off” point! (This of course can create great hilarity for a child with an awesome imagination and sense of humor.) The child leaves off at some point and ships it back. And so on and so forth. You can even self-publish it when you’re done and have official copies!

5. Recordable Books - Hallmark
Here is another great voice recognition and fun learning opportunity when keeping in touch with family members far away. It can also serve as a wonderful source of comfort on a bad day. Both sides of the family send our boys recordable books. They record them reading the story and then the boys get to listen to it. They love hearing familiar voices and of course love reading a new book! There’s nothing better than starting the story and hearing “Hey! That’s Gramma!”

Family Far Away: 7 Tips to Stay in Touch

6. Picture Magnets - Sticky9
I adore Instagram. But one step better? Sticky9 (formerly Stickygram). They do the awesome. You can take your Instagram photos and turn them into magnets. WIN!!! This has been such a big hit in our home. The boys get such a kick out of seeing themselves stuck to the fridge. It’s also great for family far away. Having pictures up as reference to ask “Who is that? You’re right! That’s Gramma! We love our Gramma!” is another great face recognition game that will make in-person visits that much better.

7. Shared Online Picture Gallery - PASS
All of the photographs I take of the boys get uploaded to an online gallery. All family and friends have the link, and anytime they want to see the latest and greatest, they can go straight to the gallery and see what’s new. They can download high resolution files, share to social media and even order prints to ship to their homes. Plus, I know my images are safe in the cloud, so I get the peace of mind that my memories are backed up. I upload the digital files of their school pictures, any fun pictures I take for blog posts, and normal day-to-day stuff. They can follow our lives visually and wallpaper their homes with pictures of the boys if they so choose.

Family Far Away: 7 Tips to Stay in Touch
How do you stay in touch with far away family?


  1. says

    First off, kudos on the new digs ;)
    My family and I live faraway from our extended family, we have for years. It is hard for us at times. What is even more tough is at times it feels as though… out of sight, out of mind takes place.
    I really enjoy when we get together for a Skype.
    I totally prefer Skype over SM. I don’t do FB and my IG is more geared towards blogging.
    We’ve done the recorded books and my kids LOVED them.
    Writing a book together, now, that, is AWESOME!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. says

    It’s so important to stay connected with family (at least positive, supportive family!). I’m in the odd position of being the distant parent, since my girls are visiting my ex-husband and his girlfriend. We speak on the phone every day, occasionally videochat, and they receive care packages from me at least once a week.

    When my then-husband was deployed, I came to realize that communication requires two… if he wasn’t willing to look at the photos I sent, there wasn’t much I could do about it!!

    • says

      You are absolutely right. It is a two way street for sure. I’m sure having the girls far away right now is not easy for you. So glad you get to use technology to stay in touch!

  3. says

    Great ideas, especially for military families who are almost always away from family! We use both Google hangouts and Skype. We’ve actually done several virtual baby showers, birthdays and holidays over the internet. Google hangouts offers multiple people to participate for FREE!!

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    and reporting! Keep up the аwesome works guys I’ve included you guys tto my personal

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