Better Blogging: Blog Post Must-Haves

What makes a good blog post? The key to better blogging is a simple checklist that holds you accountable to providing content to your audience that is both interesting and applicable. Here is my short list of blog post must-haves. I use this frequently to reflect on my blogging journey to be sure I’m traveling in the right direction and keeping you, my readers, in mind at all times.

Better Blogging | Blog Post Must-Haves | Chaos & Kiddos

Dynamic Content

1. Evergreen: The best blog posts have content that can always engage readers. Tips and tricks, recipes, craft projects…these are great examples of content that will always gain new audience over time. They’ll be just as valued 5 years from now as they were on the day that you published them.

2. Sincere and Genuine: Readers can spot a half-hearted effort a mile away. There’s no “phoning it in” in the blogging world. They need to hear your heart and feel your interest in every word. Blogging just to blog is lackluster and falls flat. And fast. Be sure to stay true to the passion that got you started.

3. Relatable and Personality-Driven: Readers are especially loyal to writers who are relatable and share their personality with honesty and integrity. When your readers relate to you and invest their interest in your lives, they are that much more likely to stay actively engaged on your blog. Your personality is your greatest asset! Let it shine!

4. Engaging Call to Action and Life Application: Each post should contain some sort of call to action or life application. You want your readers to walk away with something they didn’t have before they visited your site. Whether this is a new creative idea, a printable or new recipe, or even a renewed sense of self, your content must offer something they don’t have already and are seeking.

Better Blogging | Blog Post Must-Haves | Chaos & Kiddos

Proper Presentation

1. Paragraphs/Headings: Most people read their favorite blogs in between life in its daily routine. Skimming, especially on mobile devices, is the name of the game. Long, unbroken lengths of text are difficult to read, and drain interest quickly. Pepper your posts with headings, bullet points and most importantly, paragraphs. If they are going to skim, work on ways to identify the power points of your message so that they catch it on the go. Don’t let them get lost in a sea of letters and as a result, click away.

2. Proper Spelling: With today’s technology, there really is no reason for spelling and/or grammar mistakes. Yes, the occasional error is going to happen and nobody’s perfect. But please take a quick moment before hitting publish to check spelling. Take the time to review your blog as a whole to be sure your voice is coherent. Yes, we can write “as we speak,” but that comes with moderation. If readers are lost in poor grammar and spelling catastrophes, they will have a much harder time validating your content as something that adds to their personal knowledge bases.

3. Quality Images: While no one expects everyone to be a professional photographer, you do have to be mindful that the quality of your blog post images reflect the quality of your content. Readers inadvertently make judgements on whether your blog is of interest to them purely by the images. As with any “job interview,” your first impression is key. Blog posts should have images that compel readers to click to open, captivate them to continue reading and connect with them to stir engagement.

4. Pinnable Graphics: Take the time to create pinnable graphics. Pinterest is such a powerhouse these days, and for readers on the go, there is nothing worse than hitting the “pin it” button only to find that Pinterest couldn’t find any images to pin or worse yet, the available images have no lead to remind them later as to why they pinned that particular post. Do your research on best fonts, proper sizing and most successful images to develop simple pinnable graphics that will prompt more sharing, but more importantly, serve as resources for your readers when they are looking to revisit your content later.

If you think your blog posts could use a bit of work, remember that you can always go back and revise your posts, improving them for future visitors. As I continue to travel the path to better blogging, I am constantly tweaking old posts to improve content, presentation and SEO. We’re all a work in progress, and all have areas in which we could improve. There is an endless resource of information, tips and tricks and keys to better blogging, so I plan on making revisions a normal part of my workflow in the days and weeks to come. If I’m not seeking to learn and improve, than I’m not serving my readers. I’m always looking to raise the bar and welcome any tips you may have to better blogging.

What are your blog post must-haves?

Better Blogging | Blog Post Must-Haves | Chaos & Kiddos


  1. says

    Thanks for this helpful post – I found it on Turn It Up Tuesday. I have gone back and modified some previous posts – but have wondered if it is okay to be doing so. It helped a lot to read that you encourage this! Thanks.

  2. says

    I think it’s such a great idea to go back and tweak old posts to get them up to snuff with branding. This is something I’m totally going to do in the future.

    • says

      Glad it inspired you Madaline! I was inspired by a fellow blogger to do the same initially and that challenge was worth its weight in gold. It really does make all the difference in the world!

  3. says

    You’re right that readers online usually skim what they’re reading. I’m guilty of that so I wouldn’t expect others to not do it but to make it easier for readers to be engaged even when skimming. Great tips, it reminded me to go back to older posts to make the images more pinnable, too.

    • says

      It’s so funny! I’m a big skimmer too and being short on time, rarely get to spend quality minutes reading even those blogs that I really love! Pinnable images was a learning curve for me. I still have some old, old posts that need some redo love.

  4. says

    I like to end my posts with a question (around 99% of them anyway!) and prepare some tweets for the readers so they don’t have to spend time guessing what to tweet, on posts where those would be useful.

  5. says

    Great list! Agree completely. I too am trying to find time to go back and fix up old posts. Time consuming but totally worth it. I decided to start with the posts that receive the most visits.

    • says

      Sooo time consuming, and I did similar. Hit the power posts and then work my way up from there. It can feel frustrating to be dredging through old stuff, but it’s well worth the effort. Thanks for stopping by Angela!

  6. says

    Thank you for the great tips! As a newbie blogger I am trying to absorb as much information I can on how to grow my blog! Any tips on how to get the cute pin it button on pictures?

    Found you through the Hump Day Happenings Link Party :)

    • says

      Hi Sydney! That cute Pin It button is a WordPress plug in! (Yuppers, I like to find the “easy button” where ever I can…I am not techy at all. Thank the Lord for WordPress!)

  7. says

    This is a great list! I think that people often overlook the details. When composing a blog post, I think it’s worth it to “sweat the small stuff.” I’m more likely to read and subscribe to a blog that has a strong personality and is well organized. Like yours!

    • says

      Thanks Brittany! You are right, it is the small stuff that can make a big difference for your readers! Be sure to keep up with the series for more tips and tricks to making your reader’s visit to your blog the best that it can be!

  8. says

    Just a great list! I’d love to pick your brain! We must have lunch soon! You are in VA Beach right? I’ll let you know next time I’m in the area. My husband works out there every few weeks and in the summer we go with.

    • says

      I am absolutely certain that investment will pay out big dividends in the future! Good for you! If you run into any problems or have any questions, just let me know. Maybe I can help!

  9. says

    Hello! I’m a new member of our IBA group! Stopping by to promote your post and follow you on social medias :) I hope you’ll stop by my blog, and follow me back! Thank you!!


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