How to Create Hyper-linked Email Signatures in Gmail

We interrupt your afternoon to bring you this little tidbit of a public service announcement.
*drum roll, please*


You can, in fact, make lovely hyper-linked email signatures in Gmail. Beautiful image files and all. And the process doesn’t have to make you cry.
How to Create Hyper-linked Email Signatures in Gmail


I hate to admit it, but I just spent far too much time (as in, several hours) combing the web for troubleshooting articles on how to create pretty email signatures in Gmail. The usual go-to references involved HTML, which is not Gmail’s best friend (I’m fairly certain they are not even on speaking terms), so I was stuck with potential workarounds, canned responses, and/or lackluster design.


I finally managed to build out what I wanted, but for the life of me, I could not get the images to hyper-link forward to my website and/or social media profiles. Despite following the implicit directions on several different blogs, every time I tried to select an image and hyperlink it, it would force the link via text next to the image, ultimately ruining the whole thing. What is this madness!?


Near to tears (and my very own Office Space computer bashing rap mantra), I finally submitted to my very own Rule #1: Ask for help. Cue, Brittany Bullen, Gmail signature-saving extraordinaire. She held the one tiny piece of information that had eluded me after hours of searching in forums and social media resource documents. Ready for it???


In order to hyper-link an image in a Gmail signature, DO NOT CLICK ON THE IMAGE. If you click on the image, it opens the re-sizing options and the link option doesn’t work properly. Instead HIGHLIGHT the image and voila! Magic link button is happy and ready to do work. With this piece of treasure, you are now well on your way to happy email signatures of your own!
Here is unhappy Gmail when you click on the image:
How to Create Hyper-linked Email Signatures in Gmail
Click on Image = Size Options Enabled
How to Create Hyper-linked Email Signatures in Gmail
Try to Add Hyperlink to Clicked Image = Annoying Text Below Image
Here is happy Gmail when you highlight the image:
How to Create Hyper-linked Email Signatures in Gmail
Image is Highlighted Instead of Clicked
How to Create Hyper-linked Email Signatures in Gmail
Select Link and Enter Information
How to Create Hyper-linked Email Signatures in Gmail
Moral of the story…I should have asked for help about 20 minutes into my nightmare, not 120 minutes.


NOTE: If you’re not even sure how to get to this point in Gmail to start playing with your email signatures, click on “Settings” and then on the “General” tab you’ll see your “Signature” options. You can click on the picture button to insert an image. It will ask you for an image URL. You can’t just upload the image file itself. You can only upload the reference point for its final resting place (where it is saved). How do I do that? See below.


I am on Blogger (this also works similarly in WordPress), so I created a post in Blogger (saved to drafts) titled “EMAIL SIGNATURE – DO NOT PUBLISH.” I uploaded all of the images I knew I wanted to use in my signature and then flipped over from “Compose” to “HTML.” (From “Visual” to “Text” in WordPress) For each image, I grabbed the URL from the HTML (holy moly, way too many letters!). Here are some pictures:
How to Create Hyper-linked Email Signatures in Gmail
Upload images in Compose
How to Create Hyper-linked Email Signatures in Gmail
Switch over to HTML
How to Create Hyper-linked Email Signatures in Gmail
Grab the URL for the image file
I really had no intention of blogging this until someone in the office went, “Man, you should blog that. I bet somebody else out there has been lost in the weeds too.” With that in mind, I pulled this together quickly, because if you’re out there, and hating on Gmail like I had been for the last several hours because all you want are pretty signatures, and you’re contemplating chucking your computer out the window, there is a solution. I am now officially back in love with my Gmail account. Hopefully this helps you restore the love too!!


This ends today’s public service announcement. You can go back to your regularly scheduled programming. ;)


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  1. says

    Thanks so much for sharing this! There are many people and businesses that need this information. I would prefer to have a stand alone email client like the old Outlook Express. In fact, that is what I am still using. I absolutely hate the new outlook and gmail. That are so simplistic that they are overly complicated.

    Please excuse my mess of a blog. I have chronic pain and illnesses which are preventing me from updating like I want to.

  2. says

    Aaah that’s what I was looking for ! :D Now I know how google emails with shiny yellow, green , blue lines show up in the signature section. I like the idea of using images so that a bot can’t abuse the graphic text data . ;)

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