Super Easy Valentine Craft – Snow Day Project

Easy Valentine Craft - Using Your Resources

As you all know, we’ve been snowed in practically forever (Check out Stay-at-Home Moms: I Salute You! ). Or so it seems. Between sickness and poor weather, we’ve seen nothing but the four walls of our tiny home for weeks.

So it was time to dig deep and hit the craft cabinet for a project. What is the craft cabinet? Well, in truth, it’s a cabinet and a drawer, but essentially, it’s a hot spot where I stash go to supplies, crayons, paper, Play-doh, and other quick attention getters. Here’s a pic.

Easy Valentine Craft - Using Your Resources - Purposeful Parenting - Home Organization

Thanks to a very generous friend, Dana of CereusArt, our craft cabinet is super well-stocked with odds and ends. We’ve played with different little crafts here and there, and I discovered that a big favorite for the boys was gluing buttons on anything. So I decided to twist it up and go V-Day style on it.

First, I kept them occupied while I set up. (Quick tip – My husband brilliantly dumped the crayons onto a plate one night after 15 trips back and forth to the table to pick crayons off the floor. This plate idea has been a lifesaver! No crayons rolling away, easy clean up, works like a charm.)

This craft is beyond super easy. All you do is gather up some old buttons, a few pieces of paper and some Elmer’s glue. Draw a heart on the paper and you’re ready to go! We added paper hearts to our craft that I happened to have, but you could add stickers, color on it, etc. The sky is the limit.

Easy Valentine Craft - Using Your Resources - Paper, Buttons, Glue and a Pencil

Hand off to the kiddos and voila! Happy crafters for at least 15-25 minutes. I add glue as they need it, and they keep on sticking.

Easy Valentine Craft - Glue Buttons in the Shape of a Heart
Happy Valentine’s Day craft complete!



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